How can these seventeen little words help you with your weight loss program?

Here are some ideas...



ACCEPT the praise you get for a job well done. ACT like a thin person and you will become one. BELIEVE in yourself, you can do this. Take CARE of you. CHANGE old patterns and old beliefs. CHOOSE to exercise and  eat right. FOCUS on what you want. FORGIVE yourself little slips. LISTEN to what you know is right. PERSIST, quitters never win and winners never quit. PRAY for help from your higher power, don't forget to say thank you. PREPARE for every situation, no battle was ever won without a plan. Put a SMILE on your face.  TRUST your program and yourself. Take time to RELAX enjoy your journey. Take a RISK, start a new activity, try a new food. Good things come to those who WAIT.

Choose two to commit to this week to make your life a full fun place to live.


[ ]  Catch up with a friend or family member – make phone call, meet for coffee or go on a walk together.

[ ]  Set aside a little cash for a solo getaway over the weekend.

[ ] Take 5-10 minutes to do a light meditation or quiet stretching before starting your day.

[ ]  Volunteer some  time this week for a cause that is dear to your heart.

[ ] Assess how feel physically, mentally and emotionally and jot it down in a journal.

[ ] Learn how to accept a compliment.

[ ] Take a close look at your finances and make a budget for 2014.

[ ] Instead of surfing the web, power down your laptop, phone or tablet, connect with your life outside.

[ ] Learn a new skill. Study a new language, take a workshop, sign up for a cooking lesson… 

[ ]  Plant a something.

[ ]  Get to yoga class once this week.

[ ]  Wear sunscreen everyday. Keep an extra tube of sunblock in the car.

[ ]  Take a long walk with your loved ones (dogs count!) at least once this week.

[ ]  Back up your phone and computer on an external hard drive.

[ ] Take a digital Sabbath one day this week.

[ ] Kill the clutter. Go through 1 closet or bookcase and donate unwanted items to those in need. 

[ ]  Lose the negativity. Write down one thing you love about yourself in a journal each day this week.

[ ]  Purchase one item of clothing that fits, flatters and makes you feel good.

[ ]  Write down 5 things you want to achieve this year and check in on your goals stay focused.

[ ]  Stop saving your china, silverware and favorite perfume for special occasions. Enjoy what you love today.