2022 - Here I come!

The year of the Water Tiger 2022 promises to be a year of metamorphosis.

If you want to enjoy the year, be modest and diplomatic.

Happy Birthday to ME, 63! Brenda came for a dinner of ribs and salad.

It was nice to have company in covid Birthday 2022.

Brenda showed hope for the year by gifting me my gold pass & dining card at Great America.

Hot gift from Paul and Eileen. I am feeling so blessed and happy.

Also got a great happy birthday call to make me smile. This was a good Birthday

James and Cherie sent a delicious Birthday food basket.

Then they called and while Cherie filmed, the kids and James sang Happy Birthday, super sweet.

More from Paul and Eileen! A Gnome on a gorillia, and a new watch band.

This is going to be a great year!

We are healthy, Vaxxed and ready to live life to the fullest.

Free tanks from the market place, rocks and plants from the yard,

Gnome lands

Relax in Gnome land

Gnome home sweet home

The tradition continues!

2022 Lucky coin, Covid style

Dreams come true 2022

The art continues

Week 2! I am feeling stronger! Great America here I come! I was not able to ride rides, but I did walk the park. I was super tired, and in a litte pain after, but I was happy! I am alive to do what I love.

Let's start 2022 recovering from surgery.

Chris has taken great care of me. Chloe has been by my side. Paul and Eileen came to visit often. James and Cherie sent food and flowers. Rosa and Adela sent live plants. Pam brought me soup. I feel loved and cared for. I am thankful for my life, and the people in it.