2022 - Here I come!

The year of the Water Tiger 2022 promises to be a year of metamorphosis.

If you want to enjoy the year, be modest and diplomatic.

Yesterday’s adventure!

We went searching for my Great Grandparents.

I have never met them. But thanks to Aunt Teddy I now have their funeral records. The funeral records were a big clue, as I recently received pictures of them in a box and torn albums.

I am so thankful for all the people that helped me fill in the blanks of my family story. Kathryn Anderson and Teddy Rose Pahl were invaluable helps.

I have scoured through the pictures for hours, smiling at their Halloween costumes, days at the beach, picnics in their back yard, the birth of their children, the lives that I have only heard told in stories.

I would like you to meet my family.

My Great-grandfather, Michael Fritz Meier, Michael was born October 2, 1874, in Germany.

Michael immigrated to the United States in 1890 at the age of 16 years, He settled in San Francisco.

Michael registered for the draft; we do not know if he was called to serve.

Michael worked as a Conductor on the Market Street railroad in San Francisco.

Now I would like you to meet my Great Grand Mother Lena Meier.

She was born May 4, 1881, to Madeline Lane and Albert Hasselbauer in Germany.

Lena married a US Army man in Germany, and they had a daughter Ann Marie Ring August 4, 1906. The young man passed leaving them alone.

In 1906, at the age of 25 years, Lena and Ann immigrated to the United States where she lived with an Aunt Rose in Washington state.

Michael and Lena met, married, and lived happily at 706 Forester Street, Miraloma Park district, San Francisco. Michael worked on the railroad and supported his growing family while Lena was a home maker.

Together they had three children Frances Marie, Albert Fred, and Harold Michael, Ann Marie was also raised by Michael and incorporated his last name into hers going by Ringmeier.

They loved fishing, there are many pictures of them with their prize fish. The went often to Clear Lake.

In their later years they enjoyed being Grandparents.

Frances married William Smith; William was a boiler maker. Frances was a home maker and ran a family childcare. In 1962 they moved to Salinas. They had a daughter, Judy, and two sons Jim and Scott.

Ann Married Neville Freeman Nichols. They owned and operated a bar called The Four Nicks on Cobb Mountain CA above Clear Lake. They had two sons Bobbie and Richie.

Harold entered the Army at the age of 29 years. He served his county 8 years. There is a picture of him December 16, 1945 at Omori, Japan a notorious POW camp, known for its torture and cruel treatment of prisoners. Omori liberated September 1945, I believe he was part of the liberation, not a prisoner. When Harold returned home, he became a baker. He struggled with PTSD from what he saw in his military service.

Albert married Judy Louise and fathered three sons Brian, Larry, and Gordon.

December 31, 1941, Michael age 67 years died at 4:45am. His cause of death is listed as Gangrene ileum, peritonitis acute, mild infarct spleen, massive chs. He laid to rest at Olives memorial park in San Francisco, Section G, lawn B, grave 101A, there is no head stone.

Lena then moved to 1018 Plymouth Street in San Francisco where she would live out her final years with her daughter Frances and her family. Lena passed January 10, 1950, at 2pm at the age of 68. The cause of death was Arteriosclerotic Heart disease and arterial Fibrillation. Her daughter Anna set up the funeral where she was cremated and laid to rest next to Michael at Olives memorial park in San Francisco, Section G, lawn B, grave 102A. There is no head stone. We were able to find the lawn area where they rest and paid our remembrances to the lives they lived.

Harold (Harry) Michael Meier, born April 30, 1917. Harry passed in a veteran’s home in Colma, CA, November 7th, 1964, at the age of 47. He is now resting at the Golden Gate National Cemetery.

Ann’s husband Neville Freeman Nichols passed February 10, 1980 age 72 and is also resting in Glenbrook Cemetery in Cobb, Clear Lake CA.

Frances Marie Meier / Smith born June 16, 1915, passed August 2, 1980, in Salinas CA. She was cremated by the Neptune society and her ashes scattered one mile off shore near the concrete ship at sea cliff beach in Monterey Bay. Her favorite fishing spot.

Albert Fred Meier who was born Dec 30, 1908 and passed March 7, 1982 in Sebastopol county. He would be cremated put in a bronze urn and put to rest in the same grave as his mother at Olives memorial park in San Francisco, Section G, lawn B, grave 102A. Also unmarked.

Frances’s husband William Smith was born January 16, 1909 in San Francisco and passed July 10, 1989 in Salinas. He was cremated by the Neptune society and his ashes scattered one mile off shore near the concrete ship at sea cliff beach in Monterey Bay. Frances's favorite fishing spot.

Ann Marie Ringmeier / Nichols Passed August 19, 1990 at the age of 84. She is at the Glenbrook Cemetery in Cobb, Clear Lake CA

The people working the Olives memorial park were very kind and super helpful. Madeline was at the desk and a joy. Olga walked around with us trying to find markers, she was very kind.

No one is ever truly gone, until they are forgotten.

And now he has a Smoker

Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Alive! Such a great time. The characters bring everyone into the action. We even had a a fun renewal of our wedding vows. Chris geot to be Mayor for an hour, and we played cards with the Sherrif!

More highlights ogf Knotts

Nixon Library behind his desk. I learned a lot this day.

Back to Knotts Chris hits a high score in Berry Blaster, Back to the fair.

Panning for Gold at Knotts

Took a trip to LA to celebrate our Anniversary / retirement. This is us at the Regan library on Airforse One.

Went to see the silent movie "Blood in the sand" with Valentino! moved me to tears.

Went to the iconic Randy's donuts, even had one, so yummy.

KNOTTS! So fun!

Went to Solvang CA. nice little town all about relaxing, food and beer. It was mid week and a nice time.

Old Rasputen dark ale. Now this is a good beer

We went to Ostrich land outside of Solvang and had a blast

Chris always wanted a fountain like this. We found it on Amazon and are thrilled!

Our carniverous plants are thriving and keeping our yard free of bugs :)

I am learning to make fancy soaps. the house smells good

We got this lovely table to add to our collection!

May 20 Chris retires from CSUMB

Our poor sweet Chloe went to heaven after a brief fight with stomach cancer. April 29

Great America is open again!!!! We are back having fun

opening day!

Chris enjoying his Birthday Sundae at ihop

Well, surprise I am back. I had abandoned the page after my birthday when I was told that Google would be making it go away in May unless you wanted to pay. I really could not justify it, so with a sad heart I walked away. June is here and SURPRISE, they changed thier minds on personal pages! I can be here :) So much has happened in the last 5 months. I am excited to share.

Happy Birthday to ME, 63! Brenda came for a dinner of ribs and salad.

It was nice to have company in covid Birthday 2022.

Brenda showed hope for the year by gifting me my gold pass & dining card at Great America.

Hot gift from Paul and Eileen. I am feeling so blessed and happy.

Also got a great happy birthday call to make me smile. This was a good Birthday

James and Cherie sent a delicious Birthday food basket.

Then they called and while Cherie filmed, the kids and James sang Happy Birthday, super sweet.

More from Paul and Eileen! A Gnome on a gorillia, and a new watch band.

This is going to be a great year!

We are healthy, Vaxxed and ready to live life to the fullest.

Free tanks from the market place, rocks and plants from the yard,

Gnome lands

Relax in Gnome land

Gnome home sweet home

The tradition continues!

2022 Lucky coin, Covid style

Dreams come true 2022

The art continues

Week 2! I am feeling stronger! Great America here I come! I was not able to ride rides, but I did walk the park. I was super tired, and in a litte pain after, but I was happy! I am alive to do what I love.

Let's start 2022 recovering from surgery.

Chris has taken great care of me. Chloe has been by my side. Paul and Eileen came to visit often. James and Cherie sent food and flowers. Rosa and Adela sent live plants. Pam brought me soup. I feel loved and cared for. I am thankful for my life, and the people in it.