Chris brings life into my life

I cherish this man and the joy he has brought me

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Chris and I met June 2014. After exchanging emails on Match dot com, we met at a Starbucks. In the first moments of our meeting, he asked me "what brings you here?", I smiled and said "I kill men", he did not run, I knew he was a keeper. He was a kind wonderful man; he brought pictures of his family, and the sweater he was knitting. He had served 20 years in the Navy, been out for a while and was finding his path in his new life. Chris was just out of a 20-year bad marriage, and I was newly widowed, again. Chris was 50 pounds overweight, I was 150 pounds over weight. I like to say we were a couple of broken puppies looking for comfort, and we found it in each other.

In August of 2014 We moved in together. We just clicked. We were a couple of broken puppies, clinging to each other for love, acceptance, and warmth.

We also both liked to eat, a lot.

We traveled and explored the sights and tastes of California. We even adventured to Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico by ship, and to Seattle by train.

Enjoying the taste of our travels all along the way.

We were loving life, never worrying about what the scale said.

February 2018 after an amazing, dream trip to Germany to see James make Major in the Air Force, I was in shocked to see my weight was back up to 290, Chris was back to 230.

Spring 2018 -We went to Great America, only to discover, I did not fit on the roller coasters.

April 2018, we decided to go back to medifast as we know it works. Answering only to each other... We love each other so have been too kind when it came to lapses, laziness and food indulgences, we after all food buddies.

November 2018, we committed to our program by purchasing 2019, season passes! We included meal plans, fun pixs, and go to the front of the line passes, at a cost of $800. We put our hopes where our wallets were. Next year will be better!

2019 We got healthy TOGETHER!