Struggles are what make us strong

There once was a little boy who was kind and sweet and wanted to help the world.

He found a caterpillar in the garden and wanted to protect it from the creatures that may eat it.

He took it inside and made it a home. He provided it with everything a caterpillar could need.

Fresh leaves water and sunshine. He loved his caterpillar. Soon the caterpillar spun itself a cocoon.

The little boy watched knowing his friend was making a big change.

He checked the cocoon every day watching and waiting.

Then one day the cocoon started to open, but it was just a tiny little pinhole.

The butterfly started to press through. It was a tight squeeze the butterfly was struggling.

The little boy feeling bad for this poor creature struggling so to be free, decided to free it himself.

The little boy with his good heart took the cocoon and pulled it open to free the creature.

The butterfly fell out to the table. It's wings shriveled and it's body fat and swollen.

The butterfly tried to beat its wings but they were lifeless.

The little boy looked on in horror as the butterfly flopped around the table till it finally died.

See, butterflies store all their blood in their bodies while in the cocoon.

As they press through the tight opening in the cocoon

their body is squeezed hard forcing the blood out of their body and into their wings.

This struggle while looking frighteningly hard is necessary.

It makes their wings strong and firm with blood,

while making their bodies thin and lite so the wings can carry them away.

Life for everything is a struggle.

We must remember every struggle has a purpose.

No Person, No Pill, No Program, No Group, can free us from our weight.

We must struggle and push ourselves through that pinhole of discovery and achieve our own healthy body

So that we can fly free on the winds of life and health.

So now I ask, where shall we fly next?